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The Little Snail

By Ann Monika

LKR 1,500

What are Activity Books?

Kids activity books are a subset of children’s books that require participation and interaction by the kids. These books help your kids to develop the habit of reading and learning new things, while helping your kids to engage and capture their interest. The activities encourage a child’s imagination, creativity, and interactive quality time with parents, while developing different skills of kids.

Children love to play with activity books as they offer lots of activities with different challenges, and it’s so much fun to play with them. Further, activity books work well as a smartphone or a tablet replacement for keeping your child busy and quiet when necessary.

Special features of Early Learn

  1. Early Learn Activity Books are centered around a particular theme/ specific topic, which aligns with the authentic learning concept.
  2. The books include many interactive activities and learning objects that come with Velcro which requires kids to do activities by removing and pasting the objects repeatedly.
  3. The activities cover a variety of skills, which have different difficulty levels:
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Hand Eye Coordination
  • Pre-Writing Skills
  • Language Skills – Sinhala, Tamil and English
  • Numerical Skills
  • And many more…
  1. The books are wipeable and reusable. With the provided erasable marker, kids can practice the activities repeatedly to improve their pre-writing skills.
  2. The pages and objects are printed in color and each page is laminated. Book dimensions and specification: A4 (210mmx297mm) portrait, Book cover 310gsm Artboard, Book pages 260gsm Artboard.
  3. The books have been specifically designed for ages between 2-7, meeting the international standards of picture books.

Early Learn Activity

Early Learn Activity Books are coupled with some educational toys in the same theme, which enhances the learning of your child. These are available for unbelievable discounted rates.

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